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    Partnering with "RK Agriculture and Women Welfare Development Society" as a Sales Executive gives you a chance to shape your own destiny and build a business at the heart of which lies self respect – a belief of living and transforming your life on your own terms.
    This is what it takes to step into the world of self respect.
    A result-oriented and focused nature.
    A perspective of building a robust and respected business.
    High values and ethics.
    A need of understanding and valuing relationships.
    Living in the city for at least 1 year.
    A Qualified in any discipline.

Value Propossition

    Compensation is Contribution
    The sky is the limit for you as your earning potential is concerned. We offer the best-in-class compensation that rewards performance.
    We offer you an opportunity to define and decide your own compensation. Not only are our compensation standards benchmarked against the best in the insurance industry, but we also believe that your compensation should be equal to your contribution towards the business. Our commissions and renewal commissions are structured in a manner that your earnings are entirely proportionate to your performance.

Rewards & Recognition

    Our rewards and recognition philosophy is focused on promoting a winning attitude. We believe in instilling the seeds of winning right from the beginning. Therefore, from every first day, we recognize and reward our associates aptly for every achievement, whether small or big, from every first day.
    Everything you desire and deserve can be earned through exciting contests, annual awards, international and domestic conventions throughout the year – there will never be a dull moment. And above all we also give a opportunity to choose your rewards through special programmes.

Training Programmes

    RK Agriculture and Women Welfare Development Society will help you every step of the way to your growth. With the focus on developing the society and your business. We offer top-notch support to fuel your success by our customized state of the art training and development systems. We take pride in our curriculum that is designed to help you succeed. This is a blend of classroom and on the job training to help you develop and nurture your skill development in mentally. We have a team of professionally qualified trainers at every branch who support you in building a successful agency.
    Training at RK Agriculture and Women Welfare Development Society is a process and not a one-time intervention. It's designed to ensure that the right skills are imparted at the right time.

Career Path

    RK Agriculture and Women Welfare Development Society give a wing to hug support fly and take your career to new heights. If you wish to change the course of your career and aspire for a role in management positions, RK Agriculture and Women Welfare Development Society is the right place for you. A transparent and structured career enhancement programme has been designed to enhance the managerial capabilities of our associates and provide opportunities to them as employees or consultants in various functions. We nurture talent and give equal opportunities for growth to all our life associates so that their career can flourish in the ever-growing life insurance industry.

Work Environment

    RK Agriculture and Women Welfare Development Society know that the value of your freedom, your identity, your income and your self-respect. We believe in providing an atmosphere where you can live life on your own terms, with self-respect.
    RK Agriculture and Women Welfare Development Society understand your own destiny and transforming your life, leading a life of respect or making a difference to other's lives, and we will provide you with exciting and challenging opportunities at every step so that you can achieve whatever you have a passion.


RK Agriculture and Women Welfare Development Society gives opportunities to exhibit your potential skills and knowledge that will enhance your career growth. We do not put you in training before you are posted but we post you on the job and train you on the job and make you effective performer thereby ensuring your growth at a faster pace There are challenges to test your mettle every day, and frankly, we expect our people to rise to the occasion. We take on board people who bring focus and commitment to their work, and who are willing to walk extra mile to deliver results.

Our fast growing business provides excellent opportunities for you to put your knowledge and skills to work. We encourage our future leaders to innovate and to think creatively. Work with RK Agriculture and Women Welfare Development Society is enriching in terms of career, skill and competency enhancement along with growth it offers. If you have mostly ticks and not crosses, you might want to check out our current openings.
Current Openings

    State Head
    Regional Head
    District Head
    Branch Head
    Branch Manager
    Business Development Manager
    Field Executive
    Collection Head
    Team Leader
    Office Executive