General loan

A sum of money which is borrowed to be paid back with interest over a period of time. Individual Entity which borrows a sum of money from the lender and receives a direct benefit or direct interest from the Loan.

Features & Benefits-
  • Attractive Interests Rates
  • Provides self-employed women financial assistance to support their business enterprises, such as raising livestock, running local retail shops called Kirana stores, providing tailoring and other assorted trades and services.
  • Member of the RUD BANK Holding either single account members with regular source of income.
  • Individuals who may be employed/self-employed in business having regular income.
  • Permanent employee of Central/State/Defence//Public or Joint Sector Undertaking/reputed firms/established Educational Inst/Professional/Businessmen having regular income.
Purpose of Loan
  • Up-gradation, renovation and extension of residential property.
  • Medical, emergency expenditure for maintenance of family.
  • To meet the Wedding Expenditure.
  • Major Surgical operation.
  • For expansion of your existing business or begin a dream venture.
  • Meeting any other genuine need as may be specified by the Borrower and agreed to by the Lender.
  • Planning to start a small Business
Quantum of Finance
  • As per eligibility and Income Earning Capacity.
Repayment Details
  • By EMI or Regular.
Processing Charges & Service Tax
  • Processing Fees and Other Charges (Inclusive) PLUS Service Tax as applicable.
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