A Group divided scheme comprises a group of members, called members. An organizer, a company or a trusted relative or neighbor, brings the group together and administers the activities of the group. For their efforts, the organizer is either compensated each month or at withdrawal time. (The fee may be omitted in informal situations.)


The fund starts at an announced date and continues for the number of months equal to the number of members. Each month, the members put in their monthly installments into the pot. Then, an open auction is conducted to determine the lowest sum a members is willing to take that month. For example, if the monthly installment is rs 5000 and there are 20 members, the pot in the first month will contain rs 1,00,000. If the auction determines a winner who is willing to accept rs 60,000 for that month, the surplus rs 40,000 is distributed to the other 19 members, after subtracting fees paid to the organizer. The members who won the auction was able to access ₹rs 60,000 in the first month and the others benefited in their share of the rs 40,000 surplus. The process repeats, distributing the emi amount to one member each month. All of the other members, including the ones who took their share in a previous month, continue paying the monthly installments.

The system acts as a borrowing scheme, because members are able to access large sums of money before they've paid the full amount. It also acts as a savings system, because each members contributes every month and may retrieve a large sum in the future while receiving their share of the surpluses.

Purpose of Loan
  • Up-gradation of running Business.
  • Planning to start a small Business.
Quantum of Finance
  • As per eligibility and Income Earning Capacity.
Repayment Details
  • By EMI or Regular.
  • Processing Charges & Service Tax.
  • Processing Fees and Other Charges (Inclusive) PLUS Service
  • Tax as applicable.
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